Let Attorney Philippe Dwelshauvers Help You Gain Freedom From Your Legal Battles

An Experienced Immigration Law Attorney Helping Clients Achieve Their Dreams

Attorney Philippe Dwelshauvers, founder of Philippe Dwelshauvers, A Law Corporation, believes that everyone deserves the chance to be able to immigrate to the United States. He has personally been through the immigration process, fulfilling his dream to come here and continue serving his fellow immigrants. Because of his personal experience, he is deeply familiar with the workings of the immigration process. Whether you are looking for a family petition attorney or a deportation attorney, he and his team are prepared to help you.

How An Immigration Attorney Can Help You

Attorney Philippe Dwelshauvers uses his deep knowledge of the immigration system to his advantage when he is representing his clients. The processes can be complex and daunting for those unfamiliar, however he has spent his career working within this system so that he is comfortable representing his clients through any part of the immigration process. His experience gives him the inspiration to tackle any challenge for his clients and to face their unique, unusual or challenging circumstances, because he is determined to help his clients.

Among the services that he offers at Philippe Dwelshauvers, A Law Corporation, the following are the most common that he assists clients with:

  • Adjustment of status
  • Asylum cases
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
  • Deportation and removal defense
  • Family petitions
  • Investigations
  • Naturalizations
  • Temporary protective status (TPS)
  • U-visas
  • Work permits

In addition to the services outlined above, he also handles many other immigration cases for clients whose situations are unique and do not fall within the above listed categories.

Assisted By A Team Dedicated To Clients

When you need a team that is focused on immigration, you need the team at Philippe Dwelshauvers, A Law Corporation. They work in concert with attorney Dwelshauvers to allow him to focus on the important work of serving his clients in court and drafting the legal filings on behalf of his clients. His team will assist you with any issues that you may have as you are going through your immigration case, and have you prepared for your day in court.

Contact The Firm If You Need Their Help

Attorney Philippe Dwelshauvers and his team are standing by to help. If you are facing deportation, or you are trying to enter the United States and need an experienced representative, then he is the immigration attorney for you. Call his office today at 559-821-7520 or contact him online so that you can schedule your initial consultation.