An Experienced Attorney Who Understands The Fine Details Of Immigration Law

Philippe Dwelshauvers is not only an immigration attorney, he is also an immigrant himself. He understands your journey and can help you navigate its difficulties and challenges.

Based in Fresno, Philippe Dwelshauvers, A Law Corporation, Serves Clients Nationwide

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Immigration Counsel Provided By A Former Immigrant

An immigrant himself, Phillipe Dwelshauvers is an immigration attorney in Fresno, California who has a deep understanding of how the process works. He’s practiced law for more than 20 years in the United States and he’s filled with a desire to help people find ways to not only immigrate into the United States, but eventually become naturalized, should they desire to do so.

Mr. Dwelshauvers collaborates with an excellent staff that works closely with his clients to learn everything about the case that’s been put in front of them. Because of this excellent teamwork, Philippe Dwelshauvers, A Law Corporation can create effective legal strategies to address your immigration matter.

Philippe Dwelshauvers

A Strategy-Minded, Court-Tested Attorney

Mr. Dwelshauvers draws upon two decades of legal experience to help his clients. He is an accomplished attorney with experience in immigration courts across the country.

Working in concert with his team – who are able to assist speakers of English, Spanish, Japanese, and French – Mr. Dwelshauvers can gain an understanding of his clients’ needs and come up with a strategy to fight for them in court. After spending so much time in the courtroom and researching cases, he is gained a great understanding of how the process works.

What The Clients Are Saying

Juana Ortiz Santos

Hello, Meet Juana. As a victim of a crime in the United States; Juana was able to obtain a U-visa Certification. The law office was able to fight for her U-visa case. Juan is now a Lawful Permanent Resident. Juan is able to visit family and friends in Mexico after 20 + years.
Juana Ortiz Santos

Karen Carapia Carreon and family

Hello, Meet Karen Carapia and her family. After running away from her hometown in Mexico; Karen applied for asylum with an immigration judge. The law office was able to win her asylum case. Karen and her family are now in the process of becoming a Lawful Permanent Residents.

Karen Carapia Carreon

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