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About The Firm

At the firm of Philippe Dwelshauvers, A Law Corporation, the namesake attorney is dedicated to serving the people of California and immigrants from around the world. As an immigrant himself, Mr. Dwelshauvers understands intimately the immigration process to enter the United States, and so he has dedicated his career as an immigration attorney to assisting others who have the same dream he did, to come to the United States. His Central Valley law firm is prepared to help you today.

Offering A Helping Hand To Fellow Immigrants

The founding attorney, Philippe Dwelshauvers, has been in practice since 1998, when he opened his doors in Fresno, California. He decided to become an attorney when he was a teenager, wanting to help save people from oppression around the world by providing them a pathway to the United States. After immigrating himself, he accomplished his dream of becoming an attorney and has been serving people ever since. He has represented clients in state and federal courts previously, but he now focuses his efforts exclusively on assisting others through the immigration process.

Focused On Efficiency And Client Care

Since opening his Central Valley law firm, attorney Dwelshauvers has served thousands of clients with excellent representation and assistance throughout all of California. He and his team have a strategic approach to their work, with Mr. Dwelshauvers focusing his efforts on developing the case strategy for each of his clients and utilizing his trained staff to help streamline the workflow. His staff is fluent in four languages, English, Spanish, Japanese and French, and works with him to serve clients from all over the world who are in need of his immigration services. This workflow allows him to efficiently focus his efforts on his clients’ cases, spending much of his time in court or preparing the legal pleadings on behalf of his clients.

When you work with Philippe Dwelshauvers, A Law Corporation, you are getting a full team on your side. The members of attorney Dwelshauvers’ team will work closely with you to ensure that you are involved in your case and they will provide you with personalized service.

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